Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

When you used store-based sales, business sale, a website, Adventure Inc. fellows (called “us” as follows.) carry out an approach about the handling of the personal information that a customer may be provided by us as follows.

Privacy policy

1.For thorough officer, all employees of the intention unification about the personal information protection
We make “compliance program” for understanding of the importance of the personal information protection and safety, security of the reliability and act for this strict observance.
2.Reinforcement of the personal information protection measure
We plan improvement of the system maintenance that collection, the use of the personal information by the reinforcement legitimate fair means of the personal information protection measure and an offer are performed and perform the use, an offer within the purpose and act for unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information, the prevention, the correction of the leak.
3.Laws and ordinances, the observance of other models about the personal information protection
We observe the regulations, a model, guidelines about the personal information protection that laws and ordinances, an administration about the protection established on personal information.
4.Continuous promotion of the compliance program
We inspect “compliance program” regularly and review it and try for continuous improvement.

About the use of the personal information

The use purpose of the personal information
There is an offer, and there are merely us and, about personal information and personal information listed in an application submitted in the case of a trip application, uses it for the communication between the customer, and a customer uses it in the trip that had you propose it as far as it is necessary for a procedure (called “arrangement” as follows.) for the receipt of the arrangement of the service that (listed in each schedule list about the main transport, staying organizations.) provides such as transport, a staying engine and those services.
※In addition, our company may use the personal information of the customer to send market analysis for development of the better trip product and the guidance of our trip product to a customer in the future.
The joint use of the personal data
We share us about the thing in the range of the minimum to deal with the notification to a full name, an address, a phone number or the customers of e-mail addresses among the personal data of the customer whom we hold, and to be necessary between our group companies and use it. Our group companies may use this for the business guidance of each company, the guidance such as entertainment contents, the shipment of the product which you purchased.
Personal information protection manager is KOYA Toshinori

Offer to a third party of the personal data
We disclose it by sending personal data modifying the full name of the customer, an address, a passport number and boarded aviation flight number to a company (duties trust points such as airline, transport, staying organizations and the arrangement caretaker) binding secret contract maintenance together for the offer of a product, the service, the trip that had you apply again to a customer beforehand between us by electronic methods. In addition, as a general rule, except any of the following case, as for our disclosing the personal information that we asked about from a customer to a third party, there are none.
・When a customer agrees to disclosure of the personal information
・When disclosure is demanded by laws and ordinances
・When statistics documents disclose the information that cannot identify an individual
●Disclosure, procedures such as correction, stop of the personal data
As a stop, removal of disclosure, a correction, the addition of the contents or deletion or the use, the personal data which wishes to stop the offer to a third party of the customer whom we hold guide you about a necessary procedure, please report to the sale window of the application. Please let me take necessary measures without delay according to laws and ordinances and our internal regulations on this occasion after a proposal confirmed that it is the person. In addition, We explain the reason when it is not accepted all or part you like.

Personal information protection manager is KOYA Toshinori
TEL:03-5215-2155 / FAX:03-3288-3211
※We may revise the above-mentioned policy. In that case, I guide you on these homepages.

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